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In the 70s France and Pakistan had a signed agreement for a Nuclear Reprocessing plant. Despite the fact that funding had been arranged, France reneged on the sale under pressure from America. In the 90s Benazir Bhutto resurrected the deal and Paris promised to set up a Reprocessing plant for Pakistan. France again did not conform to its promises and did not supply the plant. Mr Sarkozy had “confirmed France was ready, within the framework of its international agreements, to co-operate with Pakistan in the field of nuclear safety.” “This is so the Pakistani programme can develop in the best conditions of safety and security,”the French spokesman. AFP “France has agreed to transfer civilian nuclear technology to Pakistan, That is a significant development, and we have agreed that Pakistan should be treated like India. President Sarkozy said, and I quote him, ‘What can be done for India, can be done for Pakistan as well.’,” “Shah Mahmood Qureshi told reporters Apparently France and Pakistan has reached a verbal breakthrough on Nuclear Technology and The French president at present is not ready to publicly proclaim that France will indeed build reactors for Pakistan. France will come be under tremendous pressure on this issue and may be planning to work through it in conjunction with the IAEA and other members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. PARIS, May 15 (Xinhua) — France has agreed to offer Pakistan its civilian nuclear technology, French media quoted Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi as saying on Friday. (more…)

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Posted on April 25, 2009 by Moin Ansari

The impact of the JF-17 thunder deployment can be heard far beyond Islamabad and Peshawar. Pakistan has now joined the ranks of the very few countries of the world that can design, produce and manufacture airplanes. This positions Pakistan on new geo strategic map. Within a few years Pakistani exports of aircraft will exponentially grow into huge volumes. The revenue from the export of JF-17 thunders will be ploughed back into research and development and purchase the best technology money can buy.

FC-1 Fierce Dragon

After the 1965 war the US placed an arms embargo on Pakistan. Despite being a founding member of SEATO and CENTO, she faced the American sanctions. During the 1971 war Pakistan was under an arms embargo. During the 90s after winning the cold war for the USA, Pakistan was under US sanctions and an arms embargo. All this is now useless history. Pakistan will be able to produce as many planes as it needs–subject to production capacity constrains which can be ramped up if and when needed. The exports to many third world countries will expedite and enhance the production capacity of the Pakistan Air Force.

Now the Sri Lankans can have as many planes they want to fight the Indian sponsored Tamil terrorists. Now the Middle Eastern Air Forces can begin flying the JF-17 Thunders without begging the US. Now the small countries of Africa can own their own JF-17 Thunders without selling their souls to the Europeans.


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Can the Anti-Pakistan dawn.com halt Dawn’s slide towards irrelevancy and catalepsy?
Posted on April 18, 2009
by Moin Ansari


This is an obituary for abominable newspapers and despicable propaganda sheets like Dawn which pander to their Demi-Gods byond the shores of the Crescent and Star. Those who read these subversive Anti-Pakistan indoctrination papers, are aware of their seditious content. Hit by a devastating credibility gap, Dawn type of news outlets have been hit hard by a dilapidating recession, a drastic fall in circulation, and a landslide drop in readership. It is no wonder that these Pakistanphobic agitprops like Dawn are being ignored by Pakistanis and those who want to learn about Pakistan. Many browse sites, like those offered by Dawn, to sift enemy balderdash from fact, and then verifiy its veracity from other sources. Why would anyone read Dawn when AP, Reuters, and News.Google.com give readers a wide variety of news sources. Dawn of course doesn’t do a good job of covering Pakistan or presenting diverse views. It has an agenda dictated by Dollars. It is disgusting and most find it reprehensible to see the oafish Dawn print incorrect information about Pakistan and publish outright lies disguised as news. A few weeks ago Dawn incorrectly reported that the US Congress would not consider the package of aid for Pakistan. It then wrongly commented that Saudi Arabia would not support the Donors Conference. The reporting from Anwar Iqbal was actually a regurgitation of the story from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)–a conservative paper that espouses the Islamphobic and Anti-Pakistan Neocon point of view. Mr. Iqbal however left the juicy parts out. Saudi Arabia provides $5 million per day to Pakistan. The $5 million per day subsidy to Pakistan was mentioned in the original WSJ article. Why did Mr. Iqbal not mention these important facts when copying the original from the WSJ article? Iqbal and the WSJ was wrong. During the donors conference Saudi Arabia has pledged $700 million. What does this make Mr. Iqbal and Dawn. Liars and cheats? So we have seen Dawn lie about actual news on the occasions mentioned above. Why would Dawn lie? Why does Dawn call US drone strikes as “suspected”, and those killed as terrorists. Why is Dawn not sure that the missile came from a drone, but is very sure that all the kids and women which were targeted are terrorists. This may be a discussion in semantics, if it did not represent official US policy. The CIA does not admit and confirm the drone strikes, and always advertises the fact that it has been successful in eliminating “terrorirsts”. It is not hard to imagine that various newspapers lie based on their agenda. The New York Times lied about the WMDs in Iraq, and then has repeatedly lied about the atrocities in the West Bank and Gaza.


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Posted on April 14, 2009 by Moin Ansari

Noticias de Rupia | Nouvelles de Roupie | Rupiennachrichten | новости рупии | 卢比新闻 | Roepienieuws | Rupi Nyheter | ルピーニュース | Notizie di Rupia | PAKISTAN LEDGER | پاکستاني کھاتا | RUPEE NEWS | April 14th, 2009 | Moin Ansari | معین آنصآرّی | اخبار روپیہ |

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Posted on April 10, 2009 by Moin Ansari

Noticias de Rupia | Nouvelles de Roupie | Rupiennachrichten | новости рупии | 卢比新闻 | Roepienieuws | Rupi Nyheter | ルピーニュース | Notizie di Rupia | PAKISTAN LEDGER | پاکستاني کھاتا | Moin Ansari | معین آنصآرّی | اخبار روپیہ | April 9th, 2009 |

Manufacturing consent using Fake Videos: Chand Bibi of Swat was never spanked. Video not in Swat. The chasm between the so called elite and the common people is so great that there is no bridge. The inability of the Westernized elite is to comprehend the problems of the the poor Pakistanis is beyond comprehension. They are totally devoid of the compassion to realize the life and style of the poor and the struggling.

Wirting against Islam and against Pakistan is a profitable business. Many rake in the Dollars.

The extremist agenda of the fundamentalist pseudo liberals (WOGs): Forcing Atheistic Secular Humanism on the rest of us. The only way is “darmiyanah ravish“–the middle way.

Under the facade of schooling the locals, the British created the “Convents” to manufacture “Western Orientalized Gentlemen” (WOGs)–a cadre of aborigines who would speak and think like the English but would be local in color and ethnicity. The “wannabee goras” see no impact of the historical agression on Pakistani and Muslim societies. The WOGS, speaking their masters language squarely lay the blame of all ills on the local societies which are depicted as “tribal”. According to these WOGs, it is the poor and aggressive cave dwellers who are bent upon world domination and have an intense hatred of the West. Some of this paid character assassins try to propagate the false cliche “They hate us because of our freedoms.


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Noticias de Rupia | Nouvelles de Roupie | Rupiennachrichten | новости рупии | 卢比新闻 | Roepienieuws | Rupi Nyheter | ルピーニュース | Notizie di Rupia | PAKISTAN LEDGERپاکستاني کھاتا RUPEE NEWS | March 1st, 2009 | Moin Ansari | معین آنصآرّی | اخبار روپیہ |

A ware like everything has a beginning and an end. Some of the lessons from Vietnam for a successful ware were “defined objectives” and  “realistic goals” and a clear “exit strategy. We have none of the above in Afghanistan. The US administration has meandered from eliminating Al-Qaeda, to remaking the Middle East, to Liberating the Afghans, to making Kabul the thriving capital of Jeffersonian democracy, waging a global war on terror, to surrounding Iran, to taking over Central Asia, to preventing Russia from resurrecting its empire in Central Asia to preventing attacks on the homeland. Which one is it?

Hope is not a strategy, wishes are not goals, and prayers are not objective. Good speeches win elections not wars. Eloquence can convince voters but cannot change the realities on the ground. Simply knowing the name of Afghan towns does not make one an expert on Kabuli affairs. Blaming other countries for the defeat in Afghanistan is counterproductive to the venture. Brute force solves nothing.

The rhetoric from the White House is soothing, but the actions on the ground do not show any change of policy. the drones continue to bomb targets in Pakistan and there is much talk of war, arms and extermination of evil from the state that once  used to be called the Kushans.

There is much fanfare about a change in policy, but the CIA operations continue in Pakistan concealed under the secrecy of the night and the sealed lips of the Vice President Biden who refused to divulge the nature of the covert Marine, Command and CIA operations across the Durand Line. Like General Hamid Gul said recently, the CIA operatives do not come to Pakistan to play marbles.

  • We’ve been thinking very militarily, but we haven’t been as effective in thinking diplomatically, we haven’t been thinking effectively around the development side of the equation,” Obama
  • “Obviously, we haven’t been thinking regionally, recognizing that Afghanistan is actually an Afghanistan-Pakistan problem, because right now the militants… are often times coming over the border from Pakistan. Obama
  • “We should start by empowering the new civilian government in Islamabad to defeat radicalism with greater support for development, health and education,” McCain

There has been a epiphany in the White House which goes something like this “Afghanistan is linked to Pakistan, and we have to solve Pakistan first”. Duh! A Fifth grader in Islamabad could have told you that a decade ago. It took an $80 Think Tank industry and a change in administration to come up with this truth that has been self evident for several centuries. Lord Curzon learned his lesson and disengaged. Will Obama who has recently heard about the linkages between the Kabul River and the Indus learn the the same lessons? When will he become wise and hang it all up like Lord Curzon who withdrew his forces back to the Indus?

Many in the Democratic party that that by restarting the war in the Tora Bora, the will solve all problems of Afghanistan. Senator Kerry made this a launchpad of his campaign and lost the election and a chance to turn the ship of state away from economic catastrophe and military defeat in the Hindu Kush.

Some in the Republican Party think that the only answer to crushing the evil ones in The Pamirs is the American Charge of the Light Brigade into Pakistan. Unable to grasp the complexities of the poltergeist of they Khyber they are ready to risk a fire from the Nile to the Ganges. Using a page from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) they want to move massive armies to solve police problems. Listening to the Mossad, they want to unplug the insurgency by sabotage, craftiness, covert operations and overt threats and by use of brute force.

Some in the present administration are under the impression that by simply “focusing” on the Indus, the problems will simply disappear. The “Surgers” are like the republicans who want to carry Kipling’s White Man’s Burden and save the Pakistanis and the Afghans from themselves.

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